Welcome to the President’s Volunteer Award magazine! If you think about the people, the country and society in general, then this magazine is for you. Some people like to imagine doing things beyond their wishes.

Helping others and making positive changes in society are some tasks that often give more pleasure than accomplishing personal goals.

In this magazine, we will talk about the different volunteer works that you can do when you are studying and once you join the workforce. It is important to start this type of work at a young age as it will have a deep impact on your future life.

Prospective employers often want to see whether you have done any volunteer work as it will say a lot of things about your personality and how you might perform at the job.

There are various types of volunteer work you can get involved in which are not only limited to university students. You can work for saving the environment, helping people in emergencies, and other things.

Volunteer work can be both short term and long term, so you can choose a program according to your preference.

Governments of many countries give awards to people who have volunteered for a certain number of hours throughout their lives. In Ireland, for example, the volunteers are recognized at the national level and they are given awards for their contribution by the top government officials.

This magazine is very resourceful, and you will know about various volunteer programs and how to take part in them. Some volunteer work requires training and that will allow you to learn new skills. Volunteer work allows you to be close to people and make a positive impact on their lives.

You learn a lot of things from such activities that will help you to do better in your career. We hope you will enjoy reading our magazine. Please give us feedback on how we can make our magazine more resourceful for those who are interested in volunteering.