4 Best Volunteer Projects In Ireland

Doing volunteer work can give you a more fulfilling life. It will not only improve your skills and wellbeing, but you will also get the chance to bring positive changes to others’ lives and society in general.

If you live in Ireland, you should take the opportunity to participate in different volunteer projects here. Even if you come here for a holiday, doing some volunteer work will give you great memories. Here are some of the top volunteer projects in Ireland.

Servant Leadership At Mary Immaculate College

Mary Immaculate College is situated in Limerick city. Students studying here can work with different non-profit organizations.

They can get involved in various projects that are developed towards improving the community, helping the homeless people, youth services, and more. Students can choose volunteer work that matches their field of study so that they can learn skills that will help them in their careers.


Volunteer with Galway International Art Festival

Every year in July, this festival takes place. A lot of volunteers work to make this festival a successful one. They assist the guests, make a stage for the award ceremonies, help with street theatre events, and lots more.

If you have some free time and want to have some fun then you can work as a volunteer at this festival.

Live-In Volunteer House Assistants At L’Arche Cork

The L’Arche Cork is the home of adults who are intellectually challenged. They always look for volunteers who can stay there for a year and look after those adults. If you get enrolled in this project, you will learn different life lessons like how to deal with finances, health care, and more.

Volunteer With Special Needs Patients In Ireland

This project takes care of people with special needs. Volunteer work here involves taking care of their health and give them the emotional support they need. You can work here and help those who need your support.

Being a volunteer teaches you a lot of things. You learn to be compassionate towards others and help them when they need your support. You also learn how to deal with difficult situations. By enrolling in one of these projects, you will be able to give a lot to the community.